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Salvo loading bay safety

Our patented Salvo system, in partnership with Castell Safety, ensures safety in loading bay environments by preventing unplanned drive-aways through a brake airline attachment. This unique solution offers a host of benefits, including speed and simplicity of process to secure loading bays to avoid disruption.

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Smart key management

Keys provide an integral part of all organisations, from facilities through to machinery and vehicles. Therefore, to securely and safely identify, control and report on these assets, STI has integrated the latest RFID technology and software giving access control with traceability.

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Trapped key interlock

A trapped key interlock is a safety device applied to two or more moveable parts, preventing (or allowing) a movement or operation of one part only when another part is locked in a predetermined position.

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A global team dedicated to providing bespoke solutions and technical support in selecting the correct solutions.

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The leading provider of trapped key interlocking, in collaboration with Castell Safety and Kirk Key.

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Tracking encoding for each user (Ensure the same code is never delivered twice).

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More than 120 years of experience providing safe environments.