Key transfer principle

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“More than a principle… The way forward to optimal safety”

Based on the idea that a key can not be in two places at the same time, our locking systems force operators to perform a predetermined sequence, particularly in relation to maintenance and operating requirements. In its most basic form, the key transfer principle involves the locking of the power source and access point of a machine, with locks operated by a single common key. Our extensive range of locks permits the locking of most control circuits, switchgears and access points

By this method, you have the guarantee that all your hazardous work areas are protected with maximum security. This technology, considered the most effective of industrial safety protection, can be completely automated. The system is also cost- effective as it is quick and easy to install, and without maintenance.

In the example below, the interlocking system acts to disconnect and lock the power supply of the machine before allowing access to the area for any technical operation.