Precast Concrete Industry – Application Series: 3 of 5 Cement Mixers

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Precast Concrete Industry – Application Series: 3 of 5

Cement Mixers – Trapped Key Interlock Safety Solutions

The most common cement mixer hazards: caught-in/between * electric shock * struck by moving elements

Concrete is the most common used man-made material on earth. The uses of concrete range from structural applications to piping, drains, and pavers. Buildings, bridges, roads, and more could not be constructed without this important material.

Assessing and maximising machine guarding on your cement mixer will mitigate hazards and prevent injuries & fatalities

Concrete mixing plants must perform regular maintenance on mixers to ensure proper working conditions and efficiencies. Maintenance
can involve accessing the mixer’s entry points for cleaning and servicing of paddles or blades. To ensure work safety, power must be
isolated prior to entry of the mixer and at no time during maintenance can power be inadvertently re-energised.

Don’t allow an oversite to become a reportable! Let’s change the statistics and enhance your safety!

Trapped key interlock safety solutions ensure a pre-determined sequence of operations each & every time. While LOTO provides a visual
warning and identifies hazards, a TKI solution physically prevents a specific set of actions from being performed until previous action(s)
have been fully completed!

Common trapped key interlock solution for isolating power and accessing mixer:

Step 1: Power Isolation IVC installed on main breaker for mixer

Step 2: Mechanical key exchange box TMEC to allow the release of several keys and ensure access to mixer with multiple entry points

Step 3: Safe Access STI SOL access lock installed on mixer lid

Download the pdf version of this third part of our Precast Concrete Application Series focusing on how trapped key interlocking solutions can help isolate power and grant safe access to cement mixers.