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STI has 126 years of experience in industrial safety across a wide range of sectors such as food manufacturing, waste & recycling, and warehousing. Recently, we have made use of this expertise and knowledge to produce a white paper on the changing landscape of warehouse safety in France and Europe.

More specifically, the white paper below touches upon the changes in the warehouse industry and their effect on safety, as well as the benefits of safety equipment. It also illustrates how adopting best safety practices could not only minimize risks (such as accidental drive-aways at loading docks) but also deliver a return on investment by eliminating downtime and the costs resulting from the loss of assets and staff.

The changing landscape of warehouse safety

Warehousing is an enormous industry that is an essential part of the modern world and is constantly adapting to new demands. Supply chains are becoming more complex and warehouses are becoming distribution centres where goods are finished, picked and packed rather than old-fashioned storage areas.

In France, this sector employs more than 670,000 people while growing between 2 and 3% every year. It makes France the 6th largest e-com­merce economy in the world, and 2nd in Europe after Germany.

There have been some very significant changes to the industry in the past few years, which have forced it to change the way it thinks about safety. A number of factors have caused these changes, not least the impact of technological developments on consumer behaviours and operations within the warehouse.


Read the full STI logistic white paper (PDF)