Access Locks

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Access Locks

Our access interlocks are used to reduce risk when workers enter hazardous areas. Their purpose is to eliminate the possibility of energy restoration occurring while someone is near a machine. They achieve this by trapping a key that controls the electrical supply.

These products are typically made up of two parts; a main body and an actuator or latch. The main body will attach to the machine, and the actuator or latch will attach to a door or gate. When these two parts of the lock are separated (i.e. when someone is in the hazardous area) the key is trapped. It is only released when the actuator or latch re-engages with the main body. At which point the machine can be restarted but the person is out of the hazardous area.

Part body/full body access

When choosing which access lock is right for you, it’s important to consider how much access you’d like your employees to have to a hazardous area.

Part body access typically means a worker can reach a piece of machinery through a small window (but cannot enter the area).

Full body access, as the name suggests, allows one or more people to enter a hazardous area.

If you require part body access on your site, an access lock with only one key is usually enough. If you require full body access, the access key plus personal pocket keys (which are required for zone entrance) are necessary. We also recommend considering emergency release systems in this scenario.