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STI operates within the energy, industry, logistics and railway sectors and their respective segments, offering high quality safety products and services addressing each segment’s specific needs and requirements.

Wind Power Operations

Trapped Key Interlock Solutions for the Safe Operation of Wind Power Equipment.

Renewable energy sources offer a clean and sustainable option for power generation but also pose unique challenges and create new complexities within the safe operations of power generation, transmission, distribution, and maintenance of new energy equipment, especially wind turbines.

The renewable energy industry, specifically wind turbines, is expanding rapidly. This growth presents challenges for ensuring safe and efficient power generation, transmission, distribution, and equipment maintenance operations.

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The demand for cleaner and more efficient energy supply has led to changes in the power generation and distribution sector in recent years.

Stricter emission controls and an infrastructure that is coming to end of life means that there is pressure to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions while ensuring safe working environments across all sectors.

STI’s comprehensive range of interlocking products and solutions have been helping the industry to work safely and protect its assets for almost a century. With products to suit every application, STI is the brand name for interlocking in today’s Energy market.

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The pressure to achieve in a higher level of production while maintaining clean health and safety records creates a new challenge in the workplace. With already harsh working environments, continuous maintenance on machinery and regular machine failures, ensuring safety processes to protect personnel and equipment is a must.

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The interlocks enforce workers to follow a predefined process which prevents deliberate or inadvertent bypassing of the safety system.

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The loading bay is a hazardous environment, resulting in 25% of all industrial accidents. STI strives to eliminate these accidents by creating a safe, secure, and efficient loading bay environment through our Salvo Logistic Solutions.

STI’s work in the logistics sector has provided hundreds of facilities with safe and efficient solutions that eliminate human error. Click through to see what we do within the sector and how we can help you.

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A cornerstone of Serv Trayvou’s history, with a wide range of locking systems and dedicated railways products, our experts provide either standard or dedicated turnkey solutions adapted to your site.

Our process safety systems ensure safety and efficiency to maintenance depots and railway operation to minimise downtime and disruption:

  • Traction & Substation Power Supplies
  • Track-Side Objects
  • Catenary Systems
  • Depot Equipment Interlocking
  • Freight: Loading/Unloading

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