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Railway Systems

The increasing passenger and freight traffic on our railway systems continues to rise, which drives initiatives and investment for cleaner energy and emission reductions. Rail companies are tasked with finding the most efficient and cost- effective solutions to energize and maintain their systems, cars, and depots, while ensuring the safety of their workers. A trapped key interlock solution drives a predetermined sequence of maintenance operations ensuring safety and eliminating human error, saving lives, saving time, and saving money.

Safety Solutions for the Rail Sector

Do you have a specific safety solution that you want to discuss? Contact our team of experts at sales@servtrayvou.com and we will partner with you to help identify your hazards, assess your risk, evaluate your process, and design a custom interlock solution that ensures everyone has the right to be safe at work!

Traction & Substation Power Supplies

Track-Side Objects

Catenary Systems

Depot Equipment Interlocking

Freight: Loading/Unloading

On-Board Safety Components for Rolling Stock