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At STI, we understand that interlocking logic and sequencing adds a layer to your project management that can take valuable time & money away from other project activities.  So why not let the interlock experts design the logic and identify the interlock products for you? Involving STI in the inception of your interlock solution needs and design will:

  • Ensure interlock coordination across multiple equipment OEMs & project partners
  • Ensure interlock solution products ship on time reducing liquidated damages
  • Ensure the right interlock products for the solution, reducing interlock product returns or reworks
  • Ensure the solution is designed with the safest interlock logic to protect your people and assets

Your trusted safety experts

We’ve been keeping people safe at work for over 100 years. So you can confidently put your trust in us. We’ll use our industry-leading expertise to help you solve your unique safety challenges, reduce risk, lower costs and keep your business protected and fully compliant. Above all, we never forget we’re helping you ensure your people get home safe at the end of every working day.

Long-term protection and productivity

Our ethos is simple: No compromises on safety. Ever. We ensure this by designing products that aren’t just ultra-reliable but engineered to be tough and long-lasting in the most demanding work environments. With STI, you can rest assured you’re keeping your people safe at work today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

Tailored solutions

Whatever your safety challenges, we can create a bespoke solution around them. By combining our industry-leading expertise and in-house manufacturing capabilities we also make sure that each tailored solution is delivered on time, every time. Because we believe nobody should ever have to wait for safety.

Why Work With Us?

Personalised Solutions

Our team of expert interlock logic professionals and engineers will guide you through every step of the process, offering consultation on best practices and offer the best solutions.

Dedicated Support

A final review of materials will be provided, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to place your order with ease and full supervision to implement the safety solution.

Long-term Maintenance

Once our service team finishes the project, we will keep records of your interlock project to ensure easy access to future updates or changes to your interlock processes.

“For some of our electrical projects, we have extremely complex key interlock requirements.  In order to get these schemes right the first time, Powell has utilized Sentric Services to specify and order locks that meet the customer’s strict specification requirements.”

— Kurt Reim, Lead Project Engineer, Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.

Sentric Case Study

How an unsolvable problem became a concrete safety solution for both the customer in the US and Sentric Group.