We are a Member of the WindEurope

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Sentric Group is thrilled to announce that we have become a member of WindEurope, the leading association for the wind energy industry in Europe. We are proud to be a part of this prestigious organisation and to support their mission of promoting the use of wind energy across Europe. 

As a supporter of sustainable practices and renewable energy, that we have been a long-term supplier or a long-term safety solution provider for key players in the wind industry. Sentric Group has decided to join WindEurope. We believe that wind energy is a key component of a sustainable future, and we are excited to work with WindEurope and other members to advance this important cause. 

With over 40 years of experience, WindEurope plays a crucial role in shaping policies and regulations that impact the wind energy industry. The organisation works closely with policymakers at both the European and national levels to promote policies that support the growth of wind energy. WindEurope has over 450 member companies from across the entire value chain, including manufacturers, developers, operators, and service providers. 

Through our membership with WindEurope, we will access a wealth of resources and expertise in the wind energy industry. We look forward to collaborating with other members to share ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions and to help shape the future of wind energy in Europe and beyond. 

At Sentric Group, we are committed to sustainability and to making a positive impact on the world. Our membership in WindEurope is just one example of this commitment, and we are proud to be a part of this important organisation. We look forward to working together to create a brighter, more sustainable future for us all. 

Sentric Safety Group Acquires Zonegreen

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Sentric Safety Group announces today it has acquired Zonegreen.

Headquartered in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Zonegreen develops technologies, software and services that make working in rail depots safer and more efficient. Controlled remotely, these technologies protect lives by ensuring vehicles don’t move unless it is safe to do so. Zonegreen’s products are used by rail customers across the UK, Ireland and Australia.


“Sentric has a proven track record in the rail safety space in France. The acquisition of Zonegreen will enable us to offer a complete range of connected solutions to keep rail maintenance workers safe,” said Aurelie Paul, General Manager, Sentric. “Our companies’ technologies are solving real problems every day as new ways of travelling continue to evolve. Sentric’s investment not only accelerates its ambition for international growth, it also gives the company long-term support to create the safest environment for employees when working in rail depots.”


As a highly sustainable mode of transport, rail makes a notable contribution to reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate objectives. With its growth, there is a growing demand for innovative technologies which support the safety, reliability and efficiency of rail networks and their workers.


  •  Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPSTM): Allows the safe and efficient movement of vehicles in and around rail maintenance depots. The innovative technology safeguards workers by using approved powered derailers, linked to road end panels. Staff create safe zones in which to work in using RFID tags and access permission for trains will then only be given if the road is clear.


  • Depot Manager: SCADA software provides a real time graphical overview of the status of the DPPSTM, and records all safety operations, providing full traceability.


  • Points Converter: allows the automation and remote operation of any traditional manual points/switches and rail road crossings.


Joining Sentric will give us new opportunities to develop our technology offerings and expand our international reach, to protect even more rail workers, and to further increase safety, productivity and reliability for rail network operators,” says Gemma Houghton, Head of Sales, Zonegreen.


We are Sentric Group

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We are proud to announce that we have become a part of the Sentric Group.

The Sentric Group is a collection of sister companies representing the successful collaboration between Castell, Kirk and STI,  under Halma plc. Through Sentric, we unite the world’s leading brands to create the long-term protection of people, productivity and business reputation.   

Sentric’s mission is “to unite the world’s leading brands, innovations, and experts to protect people in the workplace by mitigating risks caused by human error. It’s why all our businesses are 100% committed to creating uncompromising safety solutions with end users in mind.”  

Our aim is to unlock the potential of a global brand with our customers and provide opportunities for all of us as we passionately focus on delivering our shared purpose.  

At Sentric, we believe there is no place for compromise when it comes to ensuring safety in harsh and safety critical work environments. We combine our ethos of making absolutely no compromises on safety with our in-house capabilities to develop and tailor products and solutions that are not only built to last but can meet our client’s unique challenges.  


Each of our brands have been trusted experts for over a century and are now united under Sentric with a shared Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values. It brings clarity and direction to everything we do, enabling us to communicate clearly to our employees, customers and stakeholders alike who we are, what we do and how we do it. It set a clear direction for product development and innovation, enabling us to take advantage of talent across our business as well as partner with experts to get fast access to technology.  


We believe there is no place for compromise when it comes to ensuring safety in harsh and safety-critical work environments. 


To learn more about Sentric, please visit the website: www.sentricsafetygroup.com 

Salvo solution nominated for the 2020 logistics innovation award !

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Initially scheduled during the SITL (International Transport and Logistics) Fair in Paris in March 2020, which ultimately did not take place due to the COVID19 pandemic, the winners of the 20th logistics innovation awards ceremony were finally able to be announced this month.

The jury experts delivered their verdict and rewarded STI by nominating Salvo in the Security, Safety and Cyber category. We welcome this result with pride, which rewards the work of the whole company, but we are already investigating future developments around the safety of loading docks and operators.

Thank you also to our customers and partners who participated in this success !



The SALVO solution: The distinct solution against untimely departures from loading bays

Each year, dozens of forklift operators die from falling from the docks following unexpected departures of trailers.

Our SALVO solution prevents these incidents byconnected to the air-brake of your trailer, making it impossible to move; its uniquely coded key principle ensures that your safety process is respected. It is easy to install and use.

Are you looking for real efficiency, a economic price and almost zero operating costs ? SALVO is the solution !

Contact us 


Warehouse & logistics white paper

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STI has 126 years of experience in industrial safety across a wide range of sectors such as food manufacturing, waste & recycling, and warehousing. Recently, we have made use of this expertise and knowledge to produce a white paper on the changing landscape of warehouse safety in France and Europe.

More specifically, the white paper below touches upon the changes in the warehouse industry and their effect on safety, as well as the benefits of safety equipment. It also illustrates how adopting best safety practices could not only minimize risks (such as accidental drive-aways at loading docks) but also deliver a return on investment by eliminating downtime and the costs resulting from the loss of assets and staff.

The changing landscape of warehouse safety

Warehousing is an enormous industry that is an essential part of the modern world and is constantly adapting to new demands. Supply chains are becoming more complex and warehouses are becoming distribution centres where goods are finished, picked and packed rather than old-fashioned storage areas.

In France, this sector employs more than 670,000 people while growing between 2 and 3% every year. It makes France the 6th largest e-com­merce economy in the world, and 2nd in Europe after Germany.

There have been some very significant changes to the industry in the past few years, which have forced it to change the way it thinks about safety. A number of factors have caused these changes, not least the impact of technological developments on consumer behaviours and operations within the warehouse.


Read the full STI logistic white paper (PDF)