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Our products play an integral role in our customer’s safety procedures.

Access Management

STI’s Smart Key Manager (SKM) is a digital key management solution which uses RFID key chains sealed to access keys and cards to track key movement.

The system works by trapping a primary key which initiates a safety sequence. This key can only be released by authorized individuals.

Once initiated, you have insight into who is using a key, how long it has been in use, and all operational history. This information, combined with the alarms and notices you can set up, means you’ll always know when keys have been released and when they have been in use for too long.

In an industry where key monitoring is a vital ingredient to site safety, SKM’s ability to control and track who is using keys is invaluable.

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Trapped Key Interlocking

Trapped key interlocking is a safety procedure designed to force operators to follow a step‐by‐step process that isolates risk before granting access to hazardous areas.

Each step releases a key which activates the next stage in the process. This makes it impossible to enter a hazardous area, or operate a piece without the correct key.

The first step to gaining access to the area involves the release of the key which, if the machine is on, will be in the isolation interlock. At this point, the electrical supply to the machine is cut and a pocket key is released. With these keys released, an operator can then enter the area safe in the knowledge that the machine cannot turn on.

This system eliminates human error and removes any possibility of employees entering dangerous situations.

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In environments like production factories, efficient processes are non-negotiable. This means that people are often under pressure to do tasks quickly. Without proper safety measures in place, this can be dangerous. Especially when heavy equipment is involved.

One such area, where the majority of all warehouse deaths tend to occur is at the loading dock. One of the main causes of these deaths is unexpected departure of trucks and unsafe loading procedures.

With SALVO SGL, early departure is impossible. The safety system removes the possibility of human error by forcing a set process. Until all the steps have been followed, the truck’s braking system is locked. This means that people are safe, and processes are efficient.

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Before maintenance, measurement, or intervention operations can happen in switchgear or substations (LV to HV), power isolation and earthing must occur. This is a mandatory step that ensures electrical equipment is safe to approach.

STI’s trapped key interlocking system forces operators to follow correct isolation and earthing procedures. This ensures that equipment is safe and risk is reduced.

We have an international distribution network, which means our products can reach you wherever you are in the world. This, combined with the fact that our engineering department is able to customize the product according to your specific needs, makes our trapped interlocking system the obvious choice.

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Ball Press Safety

With high power pieces of equipment like ball presses, safety is a necessity. Especially because in many industries, recycling for example, human action is often required to maintain the equipment. Without proper safety procedures in place, human error can lead to serious injury.

At STI, our solution for ball press is simple, reliable, and robust, which means adoption will be easy and risk will be reduced. By forcing operators to follow every step of the sequence in order, mistakes cannot be made. And since it’s electrical and maintenance-free, once you’ve installed it you can forget about it—safe in the knowledge that your people and your factory are not at risk.

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Rail Maintenance Depot

Ensuring passenger safety is important, however, it should never come at the cost of employee safety. In an industry where downtime is costly, employees working at maintenance depots may feel under pressure to do things quickly. So long as the right measures are in place to keep them safe, this is not a problem. However, if there is room for human error, people working quickly can be dangerous.

With STI’s turn-key solutions, the possibility of human error is eliminated. They work by monitoring and controlling equipment (roof access platforms, lathes, cranes, etc.) so that not following the correct procedure is impossible. We have a number of technologies available, including trapped key interlocking, RFID, Safety PLC, radars, and sensors, which means whatever your needs, we can improve safety and maximize efficiency across all of your rail maintenance depots.

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Machine Guarding
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System Perimeter

SERV’s access interlock product offering provides solutions for all guarding applications, ensuring access permissions only once hazardous energy has been isolated. Incorporating access interlocks with time delay units, inertia sensors, pocket keys or emergency release units adds additional safeguards to ensure residual energy has been fully dissipated and isolated prior to access; as well a continued safety with the perimeter during the operation.

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