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Logistics Solutions

Salvo Loading Bay Safety

With Salvo loading safety systems, drive-aways are impossible.

Salvo is specifically designed to improve safety at the loading dock. It works by locking a trailer’s brakes until loading/unloading is complete.

By forcing the operator/driver to carry out a set of actions before loading can begin or end, the risk of a dangerous situation occurring due to human error is eliminated. Plus, the risk of damage to equipment and inventory is minimized, and efficiency is maximized.

Our Salvo kits:

STI offers a range of Salvo kits, each designed according to specific dock requirements. Whether it’s for open-sided loading dock platforms, power and manual doors, or gangways, our solutions will make loading efficient and safe, every time.

  • SAMD manual door safety system with control panel
  • SAPD power door safety system
  • SML-EI manual door safety system with electrical contacts
  • SML manual door safety system

Why and How?

Unfortunately, in the logistics industry when accidents happen they can have serious consequences. If a driver moves the vehicle too early, for example, it could be fatal for the loader.

By investing in Salvo, you will reduce the risk of accidents happening on your sites because there is no way procedures cannot be followed. This is different from other products on the market, which rely on people following processes to ensure safety.