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As technology transforms the transport industry—making it quicker, simpler, and more productive—safety procedures must be updated to ensure risk is mitigated and regulations are met. In large organizations with multiple moving parts, this can be complicated.

To add to the complexity, changes must be implemented without disruption to pre-existing safety measures, which protect employees from the hazards associated with loading docks, palletizers, conveyors, packaging equipment, etc.

At STI, years of experience working with leaders in the transport industry have taught us just how important a simple yet effective solution is to our customers. As a result, our products have been designed to solve the specific problems faced by the industry.

Whether it’s our turn-key solutions—which allow operators in maintenance depots to work in a guaranteed safe environment whilst cleaning or repairing trains—or our key transmitter and S locks, which lock and control rail switching, train blocking, and all warning elements, it’s our mission to ensure a safe future for the people working in transport.

Loading bay safety

The loading dock is one of the most dangerous areas of a warehouse, and 25% of all industrial accidents occur here, and for each accident that occurs there are around 600 near misses. Unscheduled vehicle drive away is one of the high risk factors in loading bay safety and accidents of this nature can result in severe injury or even death for warehouse operatives.

The Castell Salvo system can ensure that this risk is controlled and eliminated by integrating vehicle immobilisation with warehouse/vehicle access, and by applying trapped key interlocking technology into this process.

Rail Maintenance Depot

Ensuring passenger safety is important, however, it should never come at the cost of employee safety. In an industry where downtime is costly, employees working at maintenance depots may feel under pressure to do things quickly. So long as the right measures are in place to keep them safe, this is not a problem. However, if there is room for human error, people working quickly can be dangerous.

With STI’s turn-key solutions, the possibility of human error is eliminated. They work by monitoring and controlling equipment (roof access platforms, lathes, cranes, etc.) so that not following the correct procedure is impossible. We have a number of technologies available, including trapped key interlocking, RFID, Safety PLC, radars, and sensors, which means whatever your needs, we can improve safety and maximize efficiency across all of your rail maintenance depots.